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You have selected the Monday-Thursday 4:00pm - 4:50pm (PST) - This is an actual online daily Math class (not for credit) taught at the 6th Grade Level but open to 4th-7th Grade Learners - Click for details. - $60.00 per child for the WHOLE 4-DAY WEEKLY CLASS membership level.

This is a Group Math class taught throughout the school year at the 6th grade level, but open to all Leaners from the 4th to 7th grade level, depending on skill level, and open to those Learners who are looking to understand 6th Grade Math concepts at the earlier Enrichment Level, or in the later Review Level. SPED Learners are encouraged to register at any Level. There must be at least 3 Leaners (Bring friends!! 😀 ) registered for this class to start, with a maximum (as initially determined) of up to 15 for the class.

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