Parents! DON’T allow your children to fall victim to the Summer Academic Drop Off! Special summer offer only $25 per hour!!!

Parents! DON’T allow your children to fall victim to the Summer Academic Drop Off! Summer Tutoring is now more important than ever!

It happens at the start of every school year where teachers, especially Math teachers, have to spend up to two, sometimes three months in the beginning of the school year just to review and recapture some of what the kids learned from the previous year., and, unfortunately, this sets EVERY child back! Instead, ensure the Summer Drop Off DOESN’T HAPPEN TO YOUR CHILDREN, so they can maintain their academic legs, and then even become the Teacher’s greatest classroom asset, the helper-of-others, in their classes come this Fall.

Take advantage of my Summer special of ONLY $25 PER HOUR for tutoring one child only. Or bring a friend or family member {of similar age} for team tutoring and both parents save an extra $5. Make it three and each saves $10!. Imagine paying ONLY $15 per hour for HIGH QUALITY AND FUN TUTORING!

I am a highly qualified mastery level STEM Teacher with over 20 years of experience both in the classroom and in Private Practice as a Tutor, and I make Learning FUN! 🀣 😊 πŸ˜πŸ€“πŸ‘πŸ‘

Feel free to check out my tutoring website for testimonials from other teachers, parents, and, of course, the many kids I’ve taught and tutored through the years.

I tutor exclusively online with Zoom, which makes it super convenient for everyone. No wasting money on gas and travel time helps to keep rates low and saves you money!

Okay, don’t wait, I’m only one person and these time slots will fill up fast!

Everyone have a GREAT Summer and HAPPY LEARNING!


(Grade levels K to 9 only, please. Focus will be on Reading, Writing, and Math. And Special Ed. Students ARE ABSOLUTELY ALWAYS WELCOME!)

Chadd Wamboldt, M. of Ed. πŸ˜€